Meet Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’m a Maine girl, always craving the ocean and starry nights. I love antiquing up Rt. 1, the way waves crash against the rocky coast, and snowy cruises in my Subaru. Cupcakes and Redbull are my weaknesses, only to be trumped by a lobster feast. I’m a ‘wears her heart on a sleeve’ romantic, who cherishes fleeting glances and tangling embraces. Somehow, I am blessed beyond belief to be a Mom to one of the craziest, most amazing blue-eyed boys on earth.

I’m obsessed with pretty things and anything restored or repurposed. I hunt for beauty and am happy to always find it wherever I am. My only gloomy day is one where I’m unable to wear one of my many pairs of oh-so-comfy boots and thick socks. I hug EVERYONE -look out- and am annoyingly persistent when I believe in you and your dreams. Therefore, know my seriousness when I say there’s not anywhere else I’d rather be than capturing and preserving your magical moments forever.

I believe that photographs are heirlooms and artful history. They should be shared and gazed upon, with the ability to give you the same joy, and the same love as if you were once again present in that moment. We all contain a sparkle that lights up any room, and it’s my pleasure to capture it for all the world {especially those you love most} to cherish.

You have been perfectly created, and in my eyes and through my camera I will prove it to you! After all, it’s my passion; Finding Beauty in Everything <3