Katie & Jeremy || Hawaii Wedding

When your best friend asks you to go to Hawaii for her wedding – you go.

When she asks you to photograph it, and be her maid of honor – you cry uncontrollably ten times over.

I had this idea that I was going to have to write, and give, a speech telling everyone how much she means to me.  I have seen so many given, and even helped write a few, but here I was at a loss.  Thankfully, she gave me a solid 11 months to write it.  Upon arriving, she told me that I didn’t have to give it… At first I was thanking God, but another piece of me felt like I was holding back something important for her.

So Katie, its not long, it’s not shakespearean, but it’s filled with every ounce of my love and admiration for you.  Here it is:

Because you all love Katie, I know it won’t come as a surprise to you when I tell you that Katie is Magic.

{Insert the beginnings of long pauses & sobs}

You have taught me how to be free, how to value myself,and you’ve lifted me into sunshine during the darkest hours of my life. You are the light in any room; on any cloudy day, the North star of the night. You always see the good in every person, situation, and happenstance.  You laugh at obstacles and relish in joy. 

You’re grace, you’re beauty, and you’re Hell in stiletto heels.  You’re tough, you’re strong, and you’re every bit of your Mama’s kindness & tender embrace.

Jeremy, you rescued the one girl who has never, and will never need saving.  The one girl who laughed at Prince Charmings.  Katie is power and presence; always backed and watched over -quietly- by a noble, and steadfast King.  She chooses you.  Everyday.  Because I know this, I know that you fuel her fire, you walk with her and not before her.  You defend and protect her pride all by being exactly who you are.  

I wish you both a lifetime of joy, an undying passion for adventure, a blissful and undying romance, and most important – a love that is everlong.

Congratulations, Jeremy & Katherine <3 Love you to the moon!